About us

Beletrina Academic Press is in its 20th year of operation. It started off as a small, newly-formed Slovene publishing house but has, with its selected national and translated publication programme (literature, essays and humanities), grown to become one of the main focal points and source of literary activities as well as one of the most prolific publishers in Slovenia, a standard for quality, both in literature and the humanities that also pays particular attention to the design of its books, to ways of reaching its readers and to subtle marketing. 

Today Beletrina publishes over 50 titles annually through four imprints: the eponymous literary imprint Beletrina, the quarterly Journal for the Critique of Science, Imagination and New Anthropology ČKZ, the contemporary theory series Koda and its special imprints. Through a network of events it participates in it organizes regular presentations of its authors throughout Slovenia and also regularly arranges visits of foreign authors to Slovenia. Its most recognizable imprint is undoubtedly the literary series Beletrina that has in recent years set new quality standards for literary publications, combining in its programme tradition with innovation, including a broad range of authors, from those considered Slovene classics, right down to the new generation. At the same time we are active and closely involved in the international literary scene. With translations we follow the most interesting trends in elite literature and every year around twenty of our books are published abroad.

Worth noting is also the quality and intellectually exciting selection in the imprints Koda and Journal for the Critique of Science that is, with over 40 years of publication, Beletrina’s oldest imprint.